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Building Foundations for Life...

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1.  Community                We are a multi-cultural church that values and embraces 

                                        diversity, accepting and loving people just as they are with

                                        the compassion of Jesus Christ.


2.  Unity                          We are a church that is united in the importance of loving

                                        people and helping them find their place in the Kingdom of



3.  Family                        We are a church that embraces its members as family, one

                                         that is welcoming and relevant to all generations.


4.  Healing                       We are a church that values inner healing and freedom

                                        which releases people from physical, emotional and

                                         spiritual bondage through Jesus Christ.


5.  Praise & Worship       We are a church that openly expresses our love for God

                                         through music, drama and dance.


6.  Excellence                   We are a church where excellence is the heart of ministry.


7.  Prophetic & Worship   We are a church who desire to hear from God & support

                                          people in prayer


8.  Training                       We are a church that trains and develops leaders through

                                          education and instruction in Godly Principles.


9.  Outreach                     We are a church committed to reaching out beyond our

                                          four walls to affect the people of our community by

                                          meeting their needs and bringing them to relationship with



10.  Relatable                   We are a church committed to remaining adaptable and

                                          relatable to our current generation while impacting the

                                          people of all ages.


11.  Order                         We are a church that respects and embraces order and

                                          gives people of various cultures and backgrounds a safe

                                          place to worship and learn.