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    "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord..."    Psalms 150:6


Praise & Worship (P&W) are vital to the Church.  Through P&W, people are set free, delivered, encouraged, strengthened, and are ushered into the Glory of the presence of the Lord.  The Carpenter’s House Church P&W Team members are dedicated to guiding souls through their praise and into a state of worship, leading them into the throne room of God.  Beginning with a traditional musical foundation and incorporating a progressive, contemporary musical style, team members - both singers and instrumentalists - are first worshippers in their own personal lives, and then subsequently come together corporately to become One In Worship, fulfilling their Ministry calling.  They are committed to regular rehearsals, personal practice, prayer and fasting, and submission to Ministry Headship in order to accomplish their God-given calling.  If you are interested in being a part of this Ministry Team, contact Pastor Gene Jackson, Associate Pastor of Music & Worship, or Minister Grace Jackson, Minister of Music.